98th Memorial Feast of Alvares Mar Julius on 22nd & 23rd September 2021. To be streamed online

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Christmas Carols 2013

The three days Christmas Carols 2013 took place on 15th 17th and 19th of December. We went around to each of our members house celebrating the spirit of Christmas and to proclaim the birth of our Lord Jesus Christs. Members of Church participated with great enthusiasm and joy covering over 300kms across the state of…

Navathi Public Meeting

“Photos from the Public Meeting held on the occasion of 90th Remembrance Day Feast of Glorified @[175867862543858:274:Alvares Mar Julius]. Photos by Reiju Alex” From Public Meeting on Feast Day, posted by Alvares Mar Julius on 10/03/2013 (205 items) with Mar Alvares Media Visit Us at www.facebook.com/AlvaresMarJulius/

Navathi Holy Qurbana

“Holy Qurbana and Procession Photos of the 90th Remembrance Feast of Glorified @[175867862543858:274:Alvares Mar Julius] at @[242310889176481:274:St Mary’s Orthodox Church Ribandar Panjim.] Photos By @[545118366:2048:Reiju Alex]” From Feast Day Holy Qurbana, posted by Alvares Mar Julius on 10/02/2013 (108 items) Visit Us atwww.facebook.com/AlvaresMarJulius/2

Perunnal Kodiyettu (Flag Hoisting)

“90th Remembrance Feast celebration of L.L @[175867862543858:274:Alvares Mar Julius] begins with flag hoisting by H.G Yakob Mar Elias (Metropolitan – Brahmavar Diocese) at @[242310889176481:274:St Mary’s Orthodox Church Ribandar Panjim.]” From Perunnal Kodiyettu (Flag Hoisting), posted by Alvares Mar Julius on 9/15/2013 (11 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2

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